Last May I was able to ride in an Amish buggy. One thing I really appreciated was that the slow pace gives you time to enjoy the scene and to look around. I especially enjoyed looking at the Amish gardens.

The Amish take pride in their gardens. They put a lot of work into them because the garden provides a large amount of food for their family throughout the year.

And, yes, I did use the word “pride” at the beginning of the last paragraph. Even though they are humble people, the Amish want their gardens to look nice … because they know their neighbors will be driving by at a slow pace! (Or at least that’s what a friend finally confessed!)Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 4.25.53 PM

I’m not a gardener myself, so I got help when working on my novella for An Amish Garden. My novella, Seeds of Faith, is about Heirloom Tomatoes. (Well, there is a romance in there, too, but the stars are the tomatoes!)

I know NOTHING about growing heirloom tomatoes, but thankfully my friend Melissa K. Norris does! She writes all about the Homesteading Lifestyle and … heirloom gardening.

If you’re not familiar with the term (I wasn’t!), heirloom gardening means saving this year’s seeds and using them in next year’s garden.

Most seeds used for consumer produce today are made in a lab and are sterile. This means you can’t save the seeds from the produce that you buy in the supermarket and plant them and expect the same results. Only heirloom seeds can be replanted with the same results. And my friend Melissa still uses seeds that have been passed down through her family for over 100 years! How amazing is that?

How about you? Are you a gardener? Or would like to be a gardener?

—Tricia Goyer

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